Clinicalls is a simple and secure online platform that helps you consult doctors online and get treated at affordable costs. It is a platform that affords you personalized one-on-one consultation with experienced and certified doctors and therapists from USA, UK, Nigeria and other parts of the world. We have a poll of doctors in over 20+ specialties available to attend to you. You can also access other services such as nurse at home med services, paramedics & ambulance services, med screening services, massage & spa, amongst other services, offered at affordable prices.

The doctors and therapists diagnose, and provide thousands of patients with medical advice on mental and health issues, diseases, conditions, and offer them prescriptions and other forms of treatment. Where doctor isn’t sure what is wrong with patient/user, the doctor may send test requests to participating labs near patient and have the patient run test to diagnose what is wrong. Upon consultations, prescriptions are often sent out where patients obtain the medications at the participating pharmacies near them. For complicated issues, and other issues requiring surgery, the doctors refer the patients to our participating hospitals. However difficult the issue may be, Clinicalls will help you.

i. Consult a Doctor via chat – See doctors and therapists online and engage one of them in live chat. Send messages and get immediate reply as you chat with the doctor or therapist. You have an opportunity to choose the doctor you like.


ii. Consult Doctors and therapists via video call – See doctors and therapists online and engage one of them in live video call. Introduce the issue you are having and talk to the doctor as you would do in any hospital, you can upload pictures and files on the platform.


ii. Get tested or diagnosed in any of our participating labs and diagnostic centres

Once you sign up with Clinicalls, you can access quick and accelerated laboratory and diagnostic care service at any of our participating diagnostic centres. We are partnering with the best diagnostic centres in the country, and once you are signed up with us, the tests will be conducted for you at a discounted and at an accelerated pace.


iv. Get referred to any of our participating hospitals

Once you sign up with us, the system generates for you a hospital card, which can be used in any of our partner hospitals. You will not have to pay any extra money to obtain card, and with the card, you will be given prompt attention and at a discount.


v. Purchase drugs from our partner pharmacies at a discount and have it delivered to your home.


We partner with best pharmacies in the country to deliver to you best drugs at affordable rates. Signing up with us affords you an opportunity to shop from these pharmacies, at highly discounted prices and you have the drugs delivered to you.


vi. Use our other services, such as Nurse Home services, Paramedics and ambulance services, Med Screenings and others.

In case of complex cases, the doctors will refer you to any of our partner hospitals for treatment. You have an advantage of direct reference that will take you straight to the doctor specialist in the area, and be sure to receive quick and discounted costing from our partner hospitals.

i. Our platform doesn’t provide for surgeries, but we can recommend you to the right hospital for this;


ii. Our platform doesn’t handle certain emergency treatment for now, however we can advise;


iii. Our platform doesn’t handle critical conditions requiring admission in hospital or clinic, however we can refer you to our participating hospitals.


  1. To start with, sign up for free, select a doctor or therapist of your choice, and receive the care you need anytime, anywhere. The platform creates a patient file, where all your questions, medical history and medical information will be securely stored.

  2. On your dashboard, you are also provided option to upload images, reports, document, if applicable.

  3. After signing up, you can now use any of our options: chat a doctor, video call a doctor. In case you don’t know the appropriate step to take, you can watch our “How to do video” to guide you.

  4. Our doctors are online, serving you 24/7.


  1. Once you are satisfied you have been treated, you could close the consult and provide your rating of the Doctor, and our general service. Consultation window is kept open for a while, depending on the nature of the ailment.

All our doctors and therapists are MDCN or board certified and licensed in various specialties in different countries of Africa, Europe, UK and the U.S.A. Apart from possessing the required qualifying degrees and certificates, our doctors have experience in research and possess good track-record in practice. We make sure we conduct proper screening of doctors to be sure they possess these qualifications before they are allowed on Clinicalls platforms.

Also we are glad to inform you that our doctors undergo periodic continues training so they are up to date in latest medical trends.

The green, yellow or ash colour icons on the doctor’s image, indicate if doctor is online, busy or offline at your log in time. You can see this on the doctor lists. However if you are confused about which doctor, you can check through the doctors’ specialties.

Start by telling the doctor the issue worrying you and go on to inform him about how it is affecting you. Kindly help the doctor with the following information:

i. What is your problem?

ii. Describe the symptoms and time when it started.

iii. How did you notice the problem? Did the problem manifest gradually or suddenly? Has it gotten better or worse? Does anything make it better or worse?

iv. What is your medical history or family history with respect to the problem?

v. What is your present medication, if any?

vi. Show doctor pictures of affected area, investigations or reports, if applicable.

vii. Do you have any allergies?

viii. Inform doctor of any recommendations by treating physician i.e. treatment plan or suggestions by any physician you may have consulted before.

It is always necessary you update your health information. In the course of your chats or call, the doctor may request that you upload files, test results or other documents to aid him in his diagnoses. You could be asked to upload the files at any stage of the consultation.

Our platform is designed to serve you at your convenience. You could select the time you wish to chat or video call with the doctor, in line with the doctors online at that moment, and this will afford you an opportunity of a one on one conversation with the doctor.

Our doctors ensure they reply patient questions as soon as possible. You can expect a reply in minutes if the doctor is online or within 2-6 hours if the doctor is offline. Our doctors are encouraged to check on chats sent to them by patients on the platforms. In certain instances, the doctor may be out of reach or long offline due to some circumstances beyond his control. In any case we believe you can reach out to any other doctor on the platform.

You may only upload limited file size each time. However if you experience problems uploading files, kindly contact us on We will do well to rectify the technical issue.

We encourage you to do so to avoid conflicting treatment and medical opinions.

Every doctor on the platform is required to answer your calls if he is online and his icon so indicates. But in any case a doctor doesn’t answer after you call, this might be due to technical problem, network problem or server issues. Kindly contact us by email on and we will do our best to rectify the issue.

Don’t worry; you can rate that doctor out of our platform. You can also report the doctor to admin for management sanction. To maintain our standard, we encourage you to rate the doctor after attending to you. If a doctor receives continues low rating, the management will exit the doctor from the platform. Also we have a Quality Assurance Team that audits every doctor’s performance and rating to ensure accuracy and patient-satisfaction.

It’s free to create account with Clinicalls. Free means totally free, no hidden charges. We also offer free 5minutes consultation. For consultations requiring more minutes, which usually is the case, you will be required to subscribe to any of our plans. This however does not affect the quality and standard of our service delivery.

We strictly adhere to medical ethics and standard and we ensure health providers on our platforms do so. Our system is built with world class security that secures your personal information (email, personal information, health information, records and uploads, etc) are secured and none of your personal detail is shared with anyone. Your communications and chats with health providers on our platforms are encrypted.


Your personal or health information are only given out in rare circumstances as stated in privacy policy. If you have any questions about this, or need further clarification, kindly contact us on

Our doctors are limited by the information provided to them by you. We do advise that while being attended to by any of our doctors, kindly provide the doctor with all the required information to aid their diagnoses and afford you the best medical treatment. Make sure the information you supply are accurate as the doctors on our platforms cannot be held liable as a result of damages caused by wrong information supplied by you in the course of the consultation.

You can find the terms and conditions here and our privacy policy here. Only if you agree with the privacy policy and the terms and conditions you can proceed with the consultations.

Your email is only used to notify you when the doctor replies you and for confirmation during your registration with the platform and for other communications and notifications. Under no circumstance will your emails be shared with anyone.

Chat and file exchange between you and a doctor are available on your dashboard at Once you log in any other time, you can access previous chats, file exchanges and doctor’s advice on your dashboard on the website and apps.

Your dashboard is your patient information page. It’s the first page that appears after you log in to the platform. Clinicalls dashboard is secured, and it allows you to review doctor’s advice, ask follow-up questions, change password, and perform other functions.

You log in with your log in details, through the log in option available at the top right side of the website or app. The moment you register, the platform automatically sends a message to your email for your confirmation to ensure you are not a robot. You could then upload other relevant information.

Kindly ensure you are entering the email with which you registered at If you have forgotten your password, reset password by clicking on forgot password link. Should you have more difficulties, please contact us at